What is OOH

Out of house advertising (OOH) reaches the consumer / audiences while they are outside house at various unthinkable touch points.


OOH is divided into traditional & nontraditional mediums.

Traditional mediums


Combination of structure and surface which communicates message related to the activity. It is the most effective medium, reaches audience or consumer with high impact. Innovation has made him catchier & attractive. It is the medium which contributes above 50% to OOH Sector in terms of Revenue.


It is an overhead structure (an arch) built in centre of the road on main arterial routes covering to & fro traffic & attracts consumers with the high impact within a span of few seconds.

Pole Kiosks / Adpoles

It is a small size medium (backlit/Nonlit) which placed in sequence on the centre / side of the road. This medium is used mostly for consecutive message display or just for branding purpose.

Transit Media

There are various transit mediums like bus branding, train branding, auto rickshaw branding, taxi branding etc.It Is an effective advertising medium for communicating with the masses. On these mediums your message can be seen both pedestrian & vehicular traffic.

Airport Branding

Airport branding has become premium destination & costliest advertising spot and occupies maximum space for branding. On Airport a key factor is the time spent by travelers & it is prime opportunity for advertisers to engage with them.

Mobile Van

The display is mounted on truck / van showcasing messages at specific locations across city. It is and effective medium for brand awareness. This medium is used or placed where other media structure are not present or could not simply reach.

Nontraditional mediums

Nontraditional mediums are also called alternate formats. If you don’t want to go with traditional mediums and want to advertise differently for your clients….i.e. thinking out of the box then you can choose these kind of formats.

Nontraditional mediums or branding which consist of

Mall & Multiplex branding

Cinema Branding

Digital Signages

Wall Wraps / Façade

Lift branding (At corporate / IT parks)

BTL Activities / Brand Activation / in shop branding

Branding at Coffee Shops / Pubs / Restaurants/petrol pumps/Toll Booth ….

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